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Zhongfu PET Beer Bottle

Zhongfu multi-layer PET beer bottles are manufactured using imported injection machines. This unique product development has resulted in several patents being granted. Key features include good stability, good heat-resisting, good anti-vacuum and oxygen penetration resistant, high transparency and pasteurizing. The product is the great innovation in beer package not only in China even in the world.

Zhongfu PET Beer Bottles were tested by experts of China Foods Industrial Ferment Research institute and meet the guidelines and requirement of beer package and storage.
Zhongfu PET beer bottles are designed to overcome the inherent dangers of glass packaging as per the following;
Safety: the bottle will not explode or if dropped will not smash.
Light weight: the bottle is light and a 380ml bottle weighs 34g saving significant transport costs.
Efficient: reduces washing process of glass bottle and treatment of waste water, 
Aesthetics: the design is flexible, sizes can range from 330ml to 2000ml, and colors are optional
Environmentally friendly: PET beer bottles have high recovery utilization, and can be recycled as carpet, furniture etc.
Zhongfu can provide different types of closures and labels for all bottles.

PET beer bottle’s trait: Safety, Light, High efficiency, Fashion, Environment protection
Safety: the bottle will not explode. It safeguards customer’s benefit. People oriented has become the final target of theory and value management.
Light: the bottle’s weight is light, for example 380ml bottle only has 34g, consequently saving the beer’s packaging costs and transport costs.
High efficiency: it saves the management of recoverable bottle in beer filling process, reduces washing process of glass bottle and sewage disposal of lotion, save the time that washing because of exploding.
Fashion: the outline of PET bottle have space of plasticity .It has different volume (330ml-2000ml), many colors, all kinds of bottle type, and it produces in a short cycle.
Environment protection: PET beer bottles have high recoverable utilization, it can recover to do carpet, furniture, cotton, lining cloth and so on, enormously save the sale costs, and it is propitious to protect environment and effective using of integrated resource.
330ml,380ml,500ml,1250ml,1500ml,1600ml,2000ml,We can design and make it according to your requirement.
We also can provide different types of closures and lable for the beer bottle, which is in good taste and easy for customers to recognize and open. We believe the beer producers can benefit from it greatly.